Alcohol Free

Helps sustain ear hygiene


For the softening & removal of ear wax




With flexi applicator

VetIQ® Ear Cleaner is a gentle non-toxic ear cleaning solution for cats and dogs which is designed to help sustain good ear hygiene for your pet. The nozzle attachment allows easy application to your pet’s ears.
Ear Cleaner’s unique formulation has the added bene t of limiting any staining or discolouring of hair around the ears. Suitable for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.

Directions for Use:

The ear cleaner should be used on a daily basis until the foreign material is removed from the ear. Once the ear has been cleaned,
it can be used on alternate days and then once a week for two weeks. Regular use is advised. It may take 7 days or longer to clean the ear. Do not discontinue until a few days after complete disappearance of the foreign material. It generally should be used to maintain the ear or as a follow on from typical prescription drops.

Ease of Use


Helps Sustain Good Ear Hygiene


Natural Active Ingredient

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Benzoic Acid, Neem Oil, Malic Acid.
Size: 100ml

Storage Conditions:
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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Ear Cleaner
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 4 reviews
 by Anonymous
Simply brilliant

Mickey, our 17 yo tomcat has suffered from recurring ear hygene problems for many years, but being very fussy and aggressive we felt the trauma of taking him to the vet on a regular basis would do him more harm than good. I bought this product about two weeks ago but i was very sceptical he would even allow me to apply it. To my surprise, he accepted it immediately and allows us to clean both his ears in one go. I'm still using it on a daily basis and I'm extremely happy with the result. His hind-ear scratching had practically stopped altogether, he looks much more relaxed and has become very lovable. I'm confident this is a very cost-effective product not only money wise, but even in terms of convenience for the pet. 100% recommendable!

 by Anonymous
Excellent and gentle product.

I have tried many ear cleaners for my spaniel including some really expensive ones and have found this one to be the best. I don't know whether it's the smell or the feel of it in the ear or the wonderful wobbly applicator nozzle but he no longer minds it being done which is a huge bonus. With other brands I tried they seemed to almost irritate the ear leading to expensive trips to the vets and yet more medication but we have used this regularly for well over a month now with no issues. Excellent and gentle product which I am now going to stock in my pet shop.

 by Anonymous
Big difference

I bought some VETIQ Ear Cleaner Liquid cleaner as it came recommended by a friend & I wasn't disappointed. We both have Sharpei dogs & they are prone to ear problems & infections but after the first application I saw a big difference a lot less wax & dirt.

 by Anonymous
Done the trick

My Yorkie is allergic to berry bug enzymes. His allergy spread to his ear this summer and he was in some distress, scratching till it nearly bled. This ear cleaner does seem to have done the trick and we have a much calmer and happier dog.

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