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How To Keep Your Lawn Green With Dogs

by | Feb 21 2021

With warmer, brighter days just around the corner, the green-fingered among us are no doubt gearing up to get their gardens in check. Add a pet pooch to the mix and dreams of a beautiful, blooming lawn might hang in the balance!

Luckily, there are ways to keep your garden flourishing while still allowing your dog to enjoy some playtime outdoors. Read on to discover our top tips – just in time for spring.


Get down to the root of the problem

Choosing the right grass for your lawn can be a step in the right direction towards achieving that happy lawn/happy dog balance. If you are planting new grass ahead of the spring/summer season or indeed replanting in an effort to revamp your garden, choose a grass type that is more tolerant to the effects of urine.

Fescue grass and perennial ryegrass are examples of seed that could be planted to create a more dog-friendly lawn. Also, choosing a fast-growing grass will give any damaged areas the chance to replenish at a more rapid rate.

Lawn Burn Solution - Green-UM

Are you struggling with yellow or brown patches on your lawn? For over 15 years our customers have had great results from Vet IQ Green-UM Lawn Burn Solution, which is a natural product that helps prevent yellow spots appearing on your lawn.

Unfortunately, while a perfectly manicured, artificial lawn might be beautiful to look at, it will not offer the natural drainage that soil provides, so dog owners will likely be left with an unfortunate odour that will be difficult to get rid of.


How to Keep Your Lawn Green with Dogs - Mark + Chappell

Wash down stains as quickly as possible

Much like a stained item of clothing, the faster a lawn stain can be tackled, the better! If you notice your dog relieving themselves on your thriving grass, hose it down as soon as possible with water in order to dilute the urine.

A dog’s urine contains nitrogen, which can be particularly prevalent if your pet has a protein-rich diet. While this element can fertilise a garden in small doses, excess quantities can discolour grass, leaving behind those dreaded stains you are trying to avoid. By watering it down, you are giving it the chance to fertilise your lawn as opposed to damaging it.


Keep tabs on in-season female dogs

The hormonal changes that a female dog experiences when she is in-season can make her urine even more toxic to plants. Make sure to monitor her outdoor toilet breaks and wash down the affected area immediately to limit any potential damage. Keeping her on a lead when outdoors and encouraging her to use different areas of the garden when urinating can also be beneficial, as it helps to minimise repeated damage to one patch of grass.


A fed lawn is a happy lawn!

With sunshine and showers aplenty in spring, it can be easy to forget that your lawn needs a little TLC in addition to what Mother Nature can offer. Regularly feeding your lawn, every six weeks to two months, can replenish areas that have been roughed up thanks to an over-excited canine friend. Do your research and choose a lawn feed that will feed your lawn and perhaps offer protection from weeds, while also being pet friendly.


How to Keep Your Lawn Green with Dogs 2 - Mark + Chappell

Repair and replenish

If your active dog has left your garden looking a bit worse for wear, a repair job can be just as good as a complete overhaul. Simply remove any areas of dead, discoloured grass by raking it up, apply a mix of water and ground limestone, and cover the previously damaged area with new topsoil and your grass seeds of choice.

Ensure to lightly water the area regularly to promote healthy regrowth.

Similarly, something as simple as more frequent mowing can play a big part in transforming your lawn. Patches of lawn that are urinated on tend to not only discolour, but also be longer in length. By mowing your lawn once or twice a week during the spring/summer season, you will level off the grass and any inconsistencies in colour will be less visible.

Lawn Burn Solution - Green-UM

Are you struggling with yellow or brown patches on your lawn? For over 15 years our customers have had great results from Vet IQ Green-UM Lawn Burn Solution, which is a natural product that helps prevent yellow spots appearing on your lawn.

You are what you eat!

This is a very true saying – even when it comes to dogs! There are certain tablets on the market, such as VetIQ® Green-UM® Lawn Burn Solution, which contain active ingredients that are specially formulated to control nitrogen waste products in your dog’s urine. Giving these tablets to your dog can help to prevent unsightly yellow spots appearing on your lawn, while also benefiting your pet with the inclusion of essential B vitamins and amino acids.


Walk off your garden woes

As the days get brighter and longer, the prospect of taking a long walk with your pooch becomes all the more attractive. Take advantage of the perks of the season by getting active with your dog outside of your garden space. The likelihood is they will be too tired after their lengthy stroll to do too much damage at home, while a few toilet breaks on route will give your gorgeous grass a well-earned break!

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