Tear stains are normal for some breeds of dog, it is believed to be caused by a yeast known as Red Yeast. This is common in dogs with white or lighter fur, and very prevalent in small breed dogs.

A dog can live problem free with tear staining. Whilst it may look bad, it does not hurt the dog at all. If you show the dog you will need to remove the staining and there are many products out on the market that can help with this.

Some suggested causes of Tear staining are below:

Clogged or Shallow Tear Ducts: Studies indicate that 20-25% of small dogs and cats are born with closed of shallow tear ducts. Tears overflow because there the eyelid space is not deep enough to contain them.
Excessive Tearing: When the face hair is wet from excessive tearing, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast infections ( Red Yeast, which causes deep reddish-brown stains).
Cutting Teeth: Cutting teeth may cause changes in the head & mouth structure of your pet, placing pressure on the tear ducts.
Irritation & Allergies: Some animals get hair or eyelashes into their eyes causing irritation. Many breeds are susceptible to allergies. Shampoos and other chemicals can also irritate their eyes.
Water: Water with high mineral levels causes staining
Diet can play a significant role in tearing. Many commercial foods contain additives, preservatives and food coloring. This could lead to staining.

These are just a few reasons, but there are many more.

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