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Help your pets stay cool this summer!

by | Aug 10 2021

Whilst we may be enjoying the mini heatwaves this Summer with BBQ’s in the garden, paddling pools and cool drinks, just like us, our beloved companions are struggling to stay cool as temperatures rise. Plus, they have a coat of fur to contend with!

Here are some useful tips to help your pets keep their cool during the hot spells.


Frozen treats

Just as we offer ice creams to the kids, frozen treats can also keep your pets cool. Frozen dog treats or chilled fresh vegetables for animals like rabbits and guinea pigs can all lower temperatures or adding ice cubes to water bowls. Even a frozen ice-lolly from dog friendly ingredients would go down well during scorching temperatures!

Try wrapping an ice pack or frozen water bottle in a tea towel and place it near your animal to cool the air around them. If you don’t have a cooling mat use, damp towels for your pet to lie on to help keep them cool.


Plenty of Shade

For animals that are kept outside, like rabbits and guinea pigs, owners must remember that as the sun moves during the day so too does the shade and a place that was in the shade in the morning could be in the direct sun by the afternoon. Pets may need moving around the garden in their outdoor enclosures to keep them in the coolest spot out of direct sunlight.

Even gerbils, desert creatures accustomed to coping with the harshest of heats, will need some help regulating their temperature since they are unable to burrow into the cool ground, as they would do in the wild.


To keep small pets cool in summer, you can also try the following:

  • Add some ice cubes to their water or water bottles, or even freeze a spare water bottle for them over night so they can enjoy the cool water as it melts.
  • Provide some cool ceramic tiles for your small pets to lounge on.
  • Freeze a water bottle, wrap it in a towel, and lay it on its side to provide an additional cool spot in the cage. Your pet may find relief from the heat by nuzzling up against it.
  • Keep a spray bottle on hand for an occasional cooling spritz.
  • Keep their cages in a cool place out of direct sunlight, place a fan near the cage to circulate the air and keep things fresh.

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