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Pedro’s Story

by | Jan 2 2021

Meet Pedro, he is gorgeous!

Pedro was featured in the Mark + Chappell 2021 calendar as Mr. January, and his story is so touching we thought we’d share it.

Pedro was abandoned in Spain in 2018 and whilst he was living on the streets and fending for himself some children set him on fire and he suffered 3rd degree burns to his head. His owner Sian adopted him in December 2018 and since leaving Spain he hasn’t looked back and now he’s Mr. January so he’s a very happy boy! 

Pedro was very excited to win and be featured in our 2021 calendar as it was the first time he’d ever won anything according to his owner Sian. We disagree though. We think that the moment Sian decided to save Pedro and bring him home was the first time he won, and we think he won big!

We’re delighted he is featured in this year’s calendar.

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