Mark + Chappell is now VetIQ UK

by | Sep 23 2022

It is with tremendous excitement that we announce that Mark + Chappell will now be going by our brand name VetIQ.

Mark + Chappell was founded almost over 35 years ago in 1987 to provide high quality pet healthcare solutions, without the need for veterinarian intervention.

In 2013, our work here at Mark + Chappell attracted the attention of VetIQ, a leading US provider of pet prescription medications, snacks, flea & tick and supplements, which led to the amalgamation of our businesses.

We know that in today’s modern day hustle and bustle there is a real, tangible need for simplification – for you, our consumers; for business operations; and, for our brand’s message to really be heard by those who are listening.

So from today onwards, Mark + Chappell will be known by the name so many of you already know and love:




Since our very inception, your pet’s wellbeing has been at the heart of everything we do and we are incredibly proud of the Mark + Chappell name and everything it has stood for.

Today, as VetIQ, our team starts a new chapter of continuing our mission to always offer progressive and innovative solutions that will enhance the quality of your pet’s life.

The same great people. The same great products.

The only change is in the name!


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Dog Walking Schedule

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