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Healthy Bites cat treats, formulated to promote your cat’s wellbeing.
Formulated by animal nutritionists to promote your pet’s wellbeing. Combining the finest natural ingredients with the latest pet treat technology, each wheat-free bite is comprised of a delicious crispy cereal shell with a health enhancing cream-filled centre, packed with essential nutrients. Our bites are approved by veterinarians and have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
Healthy Bites Nutri Booster

Healthy Bites Nutri Booster For Kittens

Healthy Bites Nutri Booster For Kittens have been formulated by animal nutritionists providing kittens with essential amino acids, antioxidants and nutrients to keep them growing strong, healthy and vibrant.
Healthy Bites Hairball Remedies

Healthy Bites Hairball Remedy For Cats and Kittens

Hairballs can be prevented by frequent grooming and the routine taking of Healthy Bites Hairball Remedy as directed. Healthy Bites Hairball Remedy helps to assist passage of swallowed fur through the gut to avoid the formation of hairballs.
Healthy Bites Breath and Dental

Healthy Bites Breath & Dental For Cats & Kittens

Healthy Bites Breath & Dental are delicious dual action treats formulated to comprise a dry outer shell which massages gums and scrapes the tooth surface and a health enhancing cream filled centre containing natural anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and breath freshening ingredients.
Healthy Bites Urinary Care

Healthy Bites Urinary Care For Cats & Kittens

Healthy Bites Urinary Care comprise of a crispy cereal shell with a health enhancing cream filled centre packed with amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and plant extracts to help support a healthy urinary tract and immune system.
Healthy Bites Urinary Care

Healthy Bites Growth Support Kitten Treats

Healthy Bites Growth Support Kitten Treats is a complementary pet food for kittens. Recommended as a supplement during and after the weaning period.  High in protein to support healthy growth.
MC VetIQ Healthy Bites Variety Pack

Healthy Bites Variety Pack For Cats & Kittens

New VETIQ Healthy Bites variety packs for Cats & kittens Formulated to promote your pet’s wellbeing in a digestible treat. The new variety pack contains 3 resealable packs of Cats and Kittens most common ailments – Hairball Remedy, Breath and Dental care as well as Urinary care.
Our Heritage



Throughout our history, we have developed a reputation for being first-to-market with exciting, new product offerings that challenge the traditional way of treatment and how remedies are administered.

Pet Wellbeing



From dental to urinary care, our team of dedicated professionals will provide you with the best solutions for managing your pet's healthcare through their evolving life stages, ensuring that your pet enjoys a healthy and happy life.

Product Innovation



Innovation and product development are fundamental to our success. Our in-house knowledge and expertise has helped to develop a variety of innovative solutions to the meet the needs of the modern pet owner.